Hyper convergance

Hyperconvergence product that integrates Compute, Storage, Networking and Security in a single appliance. This is pretty much a proven solution and has been deployed in various Govt & IT organizations. IT hyper-convergence product that helps customers to cut down IT spending by up-to 50%, increase operational efficiency and simplify IT deployment. HCI converges Compute, Storage, Network and Security services into a single appliance. HCI radically simplifies the way IT works, by doing away with multiple devices in IT Infrastructure and provides path to better consolidation.

    Improve IT Efficiency

    HCI enables multiple IT services on a homogeneous platform that eliminates silos of CPU, memory, storage, network resources that are usually held locked or under-utilized in many single purpose appliances, thereby helping customers to improve overall IT efficiency and facilitates to do more with less.

  1. Spend

  2. Product is built on standard x86 commodity hardware that avoids any high cost proprietary technology and by integrating multiple functionality into a monolith appliance, helps customer to lower CAPEX and OPEX.

    Time To Service

    HCI comes as pre-integrated, pre-tested, pre-deployed IT infrastructure that leaves customer to just turn on and start using the service, rather than building and testing the infrastructure, which used to take weeks is just hours

  3. Risk

  4. Hci is pre-engineered, fine-tuned to work with many common industry applications like ERP, CRM, Database, Graphics, Gigabit scale routing, virtual switching, flash caching, IOPS provisioning etc., that alleviates the risk of buying multiple appliances and to trouble test them for inter-working.

    Being a single platform to handle, HCI helps to increase productivity by allowing IT human resources to spend much less time on mundane transactions and more on business value adding creations.


    HCI facilitates single vendor approach to the entire IT infrastructure stack, where in procurement, implementation, operations and support are under single umbrella. There is no more vendor blame game. *